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Major Health Centre project finally gets underway

Following the successful visit to Sierra Leone in February 2020 just before lockdown, plans were drawn up for the much needed Triage and Isolation Unit for the Health Centre in our twinned village, Hastings. Health Centre staff tell us how urgent it is to identify patients presenting with highly infectious diseases and to treat them away from the healthy mothers and babies.  The Covid Pandemic further heightened the need for the facility but has also severely hindered our fundraising efforts.

Estimates for the new building are around £20,000 and whilst we do no have sufficient funds for the whole project at the moment, such is the urgency for the unit that we have given the go-ahead for phase 1 (building the structure).

This video clip shows the handing over of the site to the builder this week so that work can start. We will be posting further progress updates as we receive them.

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, the fundraising has to begin in ernest to raise the rest of the money to complete the project and give our twin community the facilities they desperately need. Donations would be welcomed as we need to raise a further £10,000 to complete the project. If you can help us to complete this hugely important project by making a donation, please go to the Support Us & Donate section from the Home Page, and click on Make a One-off Donation. Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation if you’re a tax-payer.

Our Sierra Leonean friends begin a major undertaking like this with a formal act of thanksgiving.   If you would like to see a video of the handover of the site to the builder, click on the link below. The little ceremony takes place in the wooden construction that serves as a triage unit at present.