Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

Life in Hastings, Sierra Leone


In spite of all that has happened, Hastings SL is a little town with faith in its own future. The region’s police academy, the airport and a medical training centre are all nearby. The school-children are neatly turned out and make the most of the educational opportunities, in spite of severe shortages of the most basic books and equipment. Since LOAF Project repaired the bridges, transport into, out of and around the village is easier. But there are few opportunities for jobs in the village itself. A group of ladies, themselves polio victims, make clothing; and Marco and his team are skilled woodcarvers and produce beautiful, large scale artifacts. Although the Health Centre is an on-going project that will keep us busy for years, we’d like to help villagers in other ways, too.  Whatever we decide to do – always in consultation with the villagers –  success will depend on fundraising. If you have any ideas, please let us know.  In the Support Us section of this website, you can see how to make a donation, whether that’s a one-off gift or perhaps regular giving. The Link is entirely voluntary, so every penny of the money we raise is spent on our projects in Hastings Sierra Leone