Seeds for Hastings SL

July 2, 2020

From little acorns, who knows what might grow? In February 2020, just before the Covid-19 lockdown, the Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link led the party of 18 Teachers and 5 […]

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Improvements at the Health Centre

May 28, 2020

When our team were over in Hastings SL in February, they saw that there was a problem at the entrance to the Health Centre. The pipe connecting the Health Centre […]

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Happy babies at the Health Centre

March 18, 2020

Friends of Liz MacKay at Christ Church St Leonards have been sending lovely knitted goods for the babies at the Health Centre. One unexpected advantage is that the prospect of […]

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Connecting Classrooms across 3000 miles

Mandy Hinxman writes: Edest Primary in Jui, Sierra Leone, are making great strides with their community project alongside other link schools in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Back in October, our link […]

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Schools Sanitation Project gains pace

Richard Homewood writes: “The Schools Sanitation Project is our latest initiative. Clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices are essential for the survival and development of children. According to […]

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Sierra Leonean Teachers visit Hastings

June 26, 2019

Roger Mitchell writes: New experiences for the six teachers from Sierra Leone who have been working in their partner schools for the last week include not only the amazing facilities […]

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