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Improvements at the Health Centre

When our team were over in Hastings SL in February, they saw that there was a problem at the entrance to the Health Centre. The pipe connecting the Health Centre to the mains supply had not been buried deeply enough, and traffic passing over it had fractured it.  We’re glad to say that the funds we supplied have paid for an effective repair, which involved building a much thicker ramp. Alice, the Community Health Officer, writes to say:

I went to the health facility yesterday and below are my findings.

I’m glad to inform you that the contractor and his team has completed the work (The ramp at the entrance of the gate and the plumbing work).  He painted and welded some parts of of the gate which was already torn out and dressed the pilars.

On behalf of my team, I want to say thank you to everyone of you who contributed in diverse ways for the work to be done.
There is water running in every part of the building now. 
Below is a photo of our new entrance. 
We still have ambitious plans for the Health Centre: first, a TB unit, then dedicated triage and isolation units. We’ll need to raise serious funds, in spite of lockdown. Watch this space!