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Health Centre update: the impact of covid-19

Christine Boulton-Lane has provided this update on the Health Centre:


Having confirmed the need for a new Triage and Isolation Unit together with the alterations to a small building to form a small separate TB Clinic during our visit in February, sadly Covid 19 has become the chief player in our plans to forward our work with the Health Centre and plans for fundraising to bring about the reality of the much needed buildings.

Not only has Covid 19 caused great concern but the current use of the open shack at the entrance to the Health Centre as a Triage Unit has now become impossible due to the very high rainfall (see photo below).    Consequently everyone is triaged in the main room in the Health Centre which could have tragic consequences.  Whilst Sierra Leone as a whole (and Hastings in particular) has had relatively low confirmed cases of Covid 19, there has now been a confirmed case in Hastings SL (the home of the individual has been quarantined) and there is a real need for patients to be triaged before entering the main building of the Health Centre.

This makes it even more important for us to come up with ways of raising money to enable the erection of the new Triage/Isolation building.  Any ideas would be very much appreciated!

On a happier point there have been 229 births; 766 immunizations and 360 first antenatal care visits at the Health Centre during the first six months of this year.

CBL   20/07/20