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Music Quiz – the best ever?

Well, one quizzer on Friday said this was the best music quiz she’d ever been to. Hard to argue with that. Lesley-Ann’s questions were as clever as ever, there were 22 teams, St Paul’s Acadamy’s AV system worked a treat, Richard kept things going at a cracking pace, there were loads of good raffle prizes, one generous supporter paid over the odds when we auctioned a TKMaxx voucher (Thank you, Gareth at TKMaxx!), and we took over £1000 – our best music quiz result ever. The winners were David Halford’s team, F sharp, with the incredible score of 96 out of a possible 110.  Their success was probably due to the fact that the team had members of all ages, from the youthful to the venerable. Runners-up were Quiztina Aguilera with 92.

So, a big thank you to Lesley-Ann, yet again, and to all those who helped things run smoothly – Lynn, Nola, Edwin, Martin, Christine,  Steph (standing in for Derek on the scoreboard) and lots more. Above all, a massive vote of thanks to Justin at St Paul’s, who seemed to be in several places at once, unflappably solving any problems.

It will all help with the Schools’ Sanitation Project. Once our group has been over to Hastings SL in October and had a chance to study the schools’ current needs, we’ll be able to concentrate on pushing the project forward in the coming year.