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Cryptic Quiz Sheet – the results

Thanks so much to everyone who tackled this year’s offering. Extra special thanks to those kind souls who donated more than the strict price. The quiz raised over £550 – that must be the best result ever for one of our  cryptic quizzes.

This year, there were 15 with 70 out of 70 [Hilary Oughton, Polly Helliar, Chris Chantler, Janie Bullus, Lynnie Porter, Clive Buddle, Anna Foster, Stephen Nye, Patsy Watkins, Steve Greenhill,  Jean Baker, Geoffrey Woods, Andrew Ashenhurst, Tim McDonald, Robert Greenhill, The Turner Family] and lots of 69s.  Based on their tie-breakers, the three winners are:

Tim McDonald with Back pain (reportedly from lack of ease) (veg, 7)

Andrew Ashenhurst with Sounds like it might be a drone  (shrub, 4)

Anna Foster with Waterloo buskers are imprisoned after missing final note (veg, 7)

and, for the extra little prize, the clue that tickled me most, over all, was Ray Foxell’s clue under a general ‘In the garden’ theme: Bring order to it and everything’s legit (4)

[Answers: spinach,  hebe, cabbage and lawn. Lawn as in law’n’order]

Here are the 70 answers, with explanations:

  1. Gardenia. Anagram reading + a
  2. Daffodil. Anagram laid off
  3. Periwinkle. Ruined pier = peri, mollusc = winkle
  4. Evening primrose. Anagram grim even in prose
  5. Night-scented stock. Headless horseman = (k)night. Had a whiff = scented. Boiled up bones = stock
  6. Crocus. Crocs (trade name) around u=university
  7. Anemone. Anne around emo
  8. Cyclamen. Anagram cancel my
  9. Iris
  10. Hyacinth. Anagram any hitch (and hyacinths can be forced)
  11. Snowdrop. Drifts suggest snow. Fall = drop
  12. Tulip. Anagram (and play on ’bulb’)
  13. Astilbe. Anagram (and false goat’s beard is its vernacular name)
  14. Hollyhock. Novice = L (learner) in holy (sacramental) + hock (German wine)
  15. Lupin. Hidden answer ion dell up in
  16. Valerian. Anagram LA + ravine
  17. Canterbury bell. See (in Kent context) = Canterbury, bell = shortened belle
  18. Scabious. IOU inside scabs
  19. Lady’s Mantle  (But Naked ladies works brilliantly, too!)
  20. Alchemilla mollis (anagram)
  21. Carnation. (Artists’ word for flesh colour). Car + nation
  22. Pelargonium. Anagram (twice!)
  23. Fuchsia. Fuchs = famous spy, plus I.A. abbreviation for inter alia
  24. Phlox. Homophone for flocks. (Woolly minded suggested sheep)
  25. Marigold. Homophone: marry gold
  26. Water lily (or waterlily – my mistake) Anagram
  27. Lavender. Vend inside real (return = backwards)
  28. Morning glory. Homophone for mourning + L (student) in gory. [Sorry about my wrong word-count]
  29. Love-lies-bleeding. Adore = love. Stories = lies. Covered in blood = bleeding
  30. Foxglove. Fox = US news channel
  31. Ginkgo biloba. Anagram big bang I look
  32. Moss rose. Rolling Stones gather no moss. Eggs = roes , homophone for rose.  [Some of the solutions offered didn’t take the eggs bit into account.] Rose moss (portulaca grandiflora) also works.
  33. Norway spruce. Anagram
  34. Philadelphus. I was thinking of Philadelphia + US, though it has been pointed out that Philadelphia is a city, not a state. Humble apologies. Nobody was marked down.]
  35. Hibiscus. Ibis inside letters of such
  36. Mexican orange. Anagram
  37. Tree peony. Chestnut, say = tree. Then e (energy) inside pony.
  38. Azalea . AZ (backwards, about) inside a lea
  39. Clematis. Anagram climate + s (small)
  40. Mock Orange. Sneer = mock. Dutch House of Orange
  41. Lilac. Anagram of I call. (Can be white as well as shades of lilac etc)
  42. Hydrangea. Homophone for Hide! Ranger!
  43. Cotoneaster. Anagram of tree on coast
  44. Parsley. Anagram
  45. Oregano. Regan (one of King Lear’s daughters) inside O…O
  46. Dill. Anagram
  47. Sage. Synonym for wise.
  48. Tarragon. It’s black = tar. Students’ charity event = rag. Working = on
  49. Chives. Cold = c. Rash = hives
  50. Coriander. Anagram. (But it’s called cilantro in the US)
  51. Cos lettuce. Holiday island = Cos. Rental = let. + anagram of cute
  52. Courgette. Extremes -beginning of courageous and end of suffragette
  53. Little Gem. Gem = Meg reversed
  54. Parsnip. Homophone for Pa + the snip
  55. Endive. Goal = end.  I have briefly = I’ve
  56. Chicory. Smart = chic. Teresa May for one = Tory, minus head (first letter)
  57. Pak choi. Anagram
  58. Swiss chard. Federer is example of a Swiss. Blumenthal famously chargrilled/charred things.
  59. Beetroot. Anagram
  60. Potato. Tat inside poo
  61. Radicchio. Anagram
  62. Turnip. You turn IP to get PI.
  63. Asparagus. A spa + sugar (reversed)
  64. Pumpkin. Anagram
  65. Marrow. Spoil = mar. Fight = row
  66. Salsify. Anagram. (Apparently salsify tastes of oysters.)
  67. Brussels sprout. Nigel Farage has left Brussels. Sprout = letters of posture (endless, without the -e)
  68. Leek. Keel reversed
  69. Artichoke. Arcimboldo’s work = art. Takes my breath away, so I choke.
  70. Curly kale. Anagram of early + luck

Again, thank you for your support! This year we’ll make a real effort to make progress with the Schools Sanitation Project that you have been supporting by buying this quiz.

Some of the better  tie-breakers.  There were lots more, but some were so abstruse as to be really too difficult, and some were actually too easy. The best clues are the ones where all the bits hang together naturally, logically, e.g the clue for Hollyhock: “Novice into sacramental German wine”  or Asparagus: “Where waters are taken to reverse one cause of obesity”.

  1. I am confused with Noah but can’t grow in water (shrub, 7)
  2. (In the potager) “Don’t take the motorway, Sean!”
  3. Worker found hiding in such a strange looking plant (flower, 8)
  4. Is that woman in tears before a Hardy perennial (shrub, 6,6)
  5. Calls time on a bottle-brush after mad beginnings (shrub, 11)
  6. Found in a Cinque Port garden (tree, 6)
  7. Gangster movie ends chaotically (veg, 7)
  8. Are these just jumble or the mob’s rags? (plant, 5,5)
  9. Motionless insect? (flower, 7)
  10. Tractor, missing the junction, messed up this root! (veg, 6)\
  11. Era of short romance (herb,6)
  12. Photograph professor holding cloth in bed (flower, 10)
  13. Fliower to stare at in a puzzled manner (flower, 5)


  1. Mahonia
  2. Broad bean
  3. Acanthus
  4. Cherry laurel
  5. Callistemon
  6. Quince
  7. Shallot
  8. Broom grass
  9. Astilbe
  10. Carrot
  11. Lovage
  12. Snapdragon
  13. Aster