Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

Big changes at the Health Centre

The Friendship Link is always happy to do whatever is in its power to support Alice Thornton and her wonderful team at the Health Centre in Hastings SL.  An extension is needed to the TB area, so that TB and HIV patients can be treated separately, away from the mothers and babies. Funds have been found for local firm Grace Mack Engineering and Construction Services to carry out the work. Here are the plans – we look forward to being able to show you pictures of the new extension!

The Link has an even more ambitious scheme in mind – to build a proper triage unit, and an isolation unit so that mothers and babies can attend the Health Centre at a safe distance from patients presenting with infectious diseases.  We have agreed the plans with Alice and her staff – now we have to find the funding. If anyone has a bright idea for fundraising – at work, at home, at school or college, at their church or mosque, at their club – please let us know at secretary.hslfl@gmail.com .  We’ll be happy to give whatever help we can.  Here are the plans: something for us all to work for.