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Winter Cryptic Quiz – the answers & the winners

Many thanks to everyone who bought a quiz sheet and had a bash at the answers. On the whole, it was probably a bit harder than usual – there weren’t so many answer-sheets returned – but lots of people said how much they enjoyed the challenge.  We raised £440 this time after printing costs and prize money were covered. A really useful contribution to the Schools Sanitation Project.

I’m afraid quite a few fell on  nº 28 or (to my surprise) nº 32.  There were seven who scored 70/70: Ray Foxell, Polly Helliar & Marilyn Fursey, Tim McDonald, Rebecca Bird, Clive Buddle, Patsy Watkins,  Jim Phelan.  Based on how much I enjoyed their tie-breakers, the winners are:

Clive Buddle – Earthquakes and tsunamis – all kinds of traumas here! (7)

Rebecca Bird – Emphatic order to demolish this monument (3,2,8)

Tim McDonald – Blooming good grounds for being anxious about Britain joining House of Fraser (9)

[Sumatra, Arc de Triomphe, Keukenhof.  The first two are very neat. I’d given up trying to invent a clue for Keukenhof:  Tim McDonald’s is a very impressive solution.]

There were more really good clues from Ray Foxell, Steve Greenhill, Eric Jackson,  Geoff Howells (providing you can pronounce Welsh), with Chris Chantler getting the prize with a clever piece of misdirection: Villain takes off hat going into Los Angeles opera house (2,5): La Scala.

There were tons more near-misses. Sorry you can’t all have a consolation  prize.


Here are the answers and explanations:

  1. Petra. Hidden in shape traditionally
  2. Pompeii. Sounds like Pom payee
  3. Carcassonne. Anagram: no acne scars
  4. Las Vegas. Anagram: save gas + l (‘head’ of word light)
  5. Gstaad. Anagram: a stag do minus ‘o’ (love)
  6. The Colosseum. Anagram: some hot clues  (Sorry some early sheets had a wrong word-count)
  7. Acropolis. A crop + anagram of ‘soil’
  8. Parthenon. hen inside (Dolly) Parton
  9. Taj Mahal.  Anagram: halt a major minus ‘or’ (= alternative)
  10. The Great Wall of China
  11. Angkor Wat. Anagram: rat gok wan
  12. The Louvre
  13. Versailles Verses around a + ill
  14. Neuschwanstein. Anagram: nine cashew nuts
  15. Flatiron Building (The Fuller Building, Fifth Avenue, built 1902) de-creases
  16. Bridge of Sighs. (sighs / size) (Another wrong word count of mine on some early sheets -sorry)
  17. The Met. (Metropolitan Opera House)
  18. Leaning Tower of Pisa. Anagram: swop angle of inertia
  19. Hermitage. Hermit + age
  20. Forbidden City. Ford + Biden.   The Blues = (Manchester) City
  21. Sagrada Familia. Anagram of ‘a frail maid’ inside ‘saga’
  22. Alhambra. Hidden inside special ham bratwurst. (moreish sounds like maurish)
  23. Kinderdijk. Kinder + DI (detective inspector) + JK (Rowling).  NL = Dutch
  24. Pyramid of Cheops. Pyramid (selling) + of (FO backwards) + Che (Guevara) + ops (operations)
  25. MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, NY)
  26. Burj Khalifa. Anagram
  27. Statue of Liberty. Anagram: to US life battery
  28. Cristo Redentor. Rio de Janeiro statue of Christ the Redeemer. Anagram: dottier corners.  (Several people used the English name: but that wouldn’t explain “in dottier corners”)
  29. The Trevi Fountain.
  30. Venus de Milo. Anagram: unloved semi
  31. Mount Rushmore. Mount + rush + more
  32. Abu Simbel. Hidden in a bus I’m believably (I can’t see how The Sphinx  explains the clue, which is, after all, cryptic.)
  33. The Terracotta Army.
  34. Michelangelo’s David. Anagram: has modelling advice
  35. Manneken Pis. (Little boy statue in Brussels)
  36. Burghers of Calais. (Rodin group of statuary. Burgher/ burger)
  37. Bermuda
  38. Crete. Hidden in epic retelling
  39. Corfu. Hidden in historic or future
  40. Bali. Anagram: bail
  41. Madagascar. Mad (keen) on a gas car.
  42. Philippines. Philip + pines
  43. Trinidad.  nid (pheasant’s nest) inside Triad
  44. Bardados. Bar (except for) + bad + OS (Ordnance Survey)
  45. Corsica. Sic (= ‘I quote’) inside Cora
  46. The Bahamas. Anagram: shame abaht
  47. Galapagos. Gala (big party) + GAP (backwards)  + OS (= one size fits all, on clothing labels)
  48. Tenerife. Anagram: fine tree
  49. Lanzarote. (Mario) Lanza (by) rote
  50. Grand Canyon. Anagram: canny dragon
  51. Norwegian Fjords. Anagram of ‘no swearing’ around first letters (openings) f,j,o,r,d
  52. Halong Bay. (Vietnam).  Ha + long + bay
  53. The Niagara Falls. Anagram: rainhat sale flag
  54. Everglades. Glad (happy) inside anagram of ‘severe’.
  55. Blarney Stone. Beginning of lisp = l inside Barney’s tone
  56. Camargue. Cam (Mac backwards) + argue
  57. Paricutin. (Famous volcano in Mexico). Anagram: cairn up it
  58. Great Barrier Reef. Great (wonderful) + barrister minus st (saint) + reef (anagram of ‘free’
  59. Ayer’s Rock. (Aboriginal site, huge reddish stone)  Hidden in taxpayer’s rocketing
  60. Disneyland. Anagram of insanely inside D.D.
  61. Graceland. (Elvis’s home). Race (people) inside ‘gland’
  62. Futuroscope. French science park.  Anagram: troupe focus
  63. Yellowstone. Yellows + tone (icterus = jaundice)
  64. Parc Astérix. Anagram: six part race
  65. Yosemite. Yo = Hi!   + semite
  66. Flushing meadows.
  67. Rock climbing. (Clock rhyming)
  68. Sky diving. (Die skiving)
  69. Land kiting. (Canned lighting)
  70. (Hot polling)

One more thing. Ray Foxell always produces a whole sheaf of cryptic clues of his own. Inspired by this year’s Q.18, Ray sent me a prize-winning poem he won a competition with some years ago. It leads to an amusing Spoonerism. I reproduce it here with Ray’s permission.