Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

Links and exchanges


There are now 7 pairs of primary schools which have linked up and are exchanging messages and even examples of pupils’ work, as far as the difficult postal and e-mail conditions allow. One school – Christchurch C of E Primary School – has even managed to send surplus school furniture out to its partner, Kankaylay Islamic Primary School.

Staff at the Conquest Hospital, and at Benenden Hospital in Kent, have sent out quantities of medical equipment and supplies to the medical training centre in Hastings District. The long-term hope is that trainee medical staff may one day be able to come to Hastings UK for some of their training, as has long been the case between the hospitals in Freetown and Hull.

HSLFL hopes to help set up an exchange between the police academy in Hastings District and the Sussex police force. Meanwhile, Gary Walsh, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Assistant Chief Officer went out to Hastings in February to link up with the fire service there and to look at training needs. He has come back with lots of ideas to put his colleagues.

On the medical front, PRIME is laying plans to make a serious contribution to medical training at the district’s centre where GPs and medical support staff are trained.