Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

Schools Report

Education Report

These are the partnerships that are currently active (2017):
School in Uk                                                     School in Sierra Leone

St Leonards Academy                                        Huntingdon

Hollington                                                              Jui Upper

The Baird                                                                Beckley Primary

Ark Blacklands                                                      REC Hastings Junior and Infant

Battle & Langton                                                   REC Jui Lower

St Paul’s                                                                   Kossoh Town Primary

West St Leonards                                                  Glory Primary

St Mary Star-of-the-Sea                                       St Mulumba

Christchurch                                                           Kankaylay

St Leonards CE                                                      Baptist Model Primary

Guestling Bradshaw                                              Maynards

All Saints Junior                                                    Edest Nursery & Prep

Dudley Infants                                                       Edest Nursery & Prep

Battle Abbey Secondary                                       Kelly’s

Battle Abbey Preparatory                                     Rokel


We’ll update the news from the schools shortly. The next important event is the arrival on October 13th of a group of teachers from Sierra Leone – teachers who had visa problems in the Spring. Watch this space for details of their programme.