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Linking schools is absolutely fundamental to the friendship between the two Hastings. Though resources are very limited – almost non-existent – the children in Hastings SL see education as something precious. Schooling means primary education for most children – the opportunities for secondary education are extremely limited. In spite of the difficulties of getting work carried in either direction, classes are gradually making contact, and we were able to display work from both Hastings at the recent exhibition. In the first instance, the children have been telling each other about their lives.    The seven pairs of schools so far linked are:

  • St Leonards C of E School with REC Rokel Primary School
  • Blacklands CP School with REC Hastings Primary & Infant Schools
  • Little Ridge CP School with REC Jui-Lower Primary School
  • Elphinstone CP School with REC Kossoh Town School
  • St Mary Star of the Sea with Regmel Preparatory School
  • Christ Church CE School with Kankaylay Islamic School
  • Filsham Valley Comprehensive School with The Huntingdon Secondary School, Jui

STOP-PRESS: Christchurch School has raised enough money for the staff and pupils at Kankaylay Islamic School to buy a piece of ground on which to start building new premises. See the photo on the Events page of this website.  The school community is working flat out, and the building is making fantastic progress. A little group went out from Christchurch in October 2008. One of their objectives was to share ideas on how teachers can use Play to help children learn and develop.

Sharing ideas on Play

Sharing ideas on Play

(REC is Rural Education Committee, the equivalent of our Education Authority)


REC Hastings Primary School


REC Hastings Infant School


REC Jui-Lower Primary School


REC Rokel Primary School


REC Kossoh Town School


Kankaylay Islamic School


Regmel Preparatory School

We are exploring the possibility of linking our College of FE with Kelly’s Vocational School in Hastings.

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  1. izzy says:

    i am from miss haneys school we hope we are doing good for u

  2. Robin Gray says:

    You certainly are, Izzy. We’re very grateful, at the Link, for everything that you and your friends at Christ Church School are doing for the schools you’re linked with, especially Kankaylay. It’s amazing how much help you have already given them. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to meet some of the Hastings Sierra Leone children in person!

    Robin, on behalf of the Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

  3. mohamed lamin conteh says:

    thank God for helping my hometown to one of the best in sierra leone i hope all hastonians abroad should tried and do the same to developed the town GOD BLESS AM FROM MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, Mohamed. We’d love to involve Australians, especially ex-pat Sierra Leoneans or people who live in an Australian community called ‘Hastings’ (-Do you know of any?-) in supporting our work. Do you have any ideas?
      Robin Gray
      Honorary Secretary, the Hastings SL Friendship Link

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your interest. Certainly, the easiest way for well-wishers to help is is by a donation through the CharityCheckout button. But you may have other ideas for fundraising whatever part of the world you live in, or you may have skills that could be useful to our project. – I’ll contact you via your email
      Robin Gray
      Hon Secretary, Hastings SL Friendship Link

  4. Solomon Tucker says:


    Please madam i want to know the cost of school fee for nursery at REGMEL PREPARATORY SCHOOL PATTON STREET.I would be greatfull for a reply and thank you for your assistant.


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