Orange Quiz Sheet – the winners and the answers!

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Phew, it’s all over! The Quizmaster’s woolly hat has turned up 3 winners from the 18 fully correct entries we received. They are:

1st prize: Hilary Coulson of Pinner, Middlesex

2nd prize: Pam & John Robbins of Battle, East Sussex

3rd prize: Bill Ross of Aberdeen

This year we had 79 entries in all,  from all over the UK, from Somerset to Skegness, and from Cwmbran to Selkirk.

Here are the answers (and some explanations) for this year’s Orange Quiz Sheet. (Entries had to be in to us by yesterday.)

It’s hard to say exactly how many sheets we sold, but we raised over £1000 – partly because quite a few kind people paid more than the £1 we asked for. All that money will be turned into food parcels to help families affected by ebola in Hastings Sierra Leone to survive. A big thank you to Nola and her team who sold the sheets for us.

We hope you all enjoyed solving the clues as much as the setter did dreaming them up.

Quiz sheet 2014/15 – answers, with a few explanations of the trickier ones. (Apologies for a mistake in earlier copies of the sheet: nº 69 (Schweitzer) needed 10 letters, not 9. Hope that didn’t spoil things for you.)


  1. NHS ( – the even letters of ‘inches’)
  2. Red Cross
  3. Guy’s
  4. WHO
  5. Médecins sans Frontières
  6. stretcher
  7. corridor (corrida minus –a + or)
  8. ENT (end of the word ‘patient’)
  9. surgery (hidden in patientS URGE Rye)
  10. bedpans (B.Ed + pans = criticises)
  11. x-rays (x = 10, rays = flat fish)
  12. plaster cast
  13. enema (your: = your colon)
  14. syringe (hidden answer)
  15. nil by mouth (fast = take no food; nil = Nile minus –e. )
  16. rounds
  17. the bleeding time (in ‘Doctor in the House’)
  18. placebo (plaice minus –i- [iodine] plus b[ody] o[dour])
  19. keyhole
  20. toxin (sounds like tocsin)
  21. splint (splinter minus –er)
  22. bandage (band + age! the Stones were formed in 1962)
  23. temperature
  24. autoclave (Auto + cave with –L- in it. Whole thing is a steriliser)
  25. skin grafts (s= southern, plus kin, + grafts = works hard)
  26. blanket bath
  27. rectal thermometers (anagram)
  28. waiting room
  29. appointment (app[lication] ointment)
  30. receptionist (reception is also the first class in an infants school)
  31. stethoscope (2 anagrams)
  32. sphygmomanometer (anagram – it measures blood pressure)
  33. ninety-nine (- this is clue nº 33)
  34. depressor
  35. general practice (various grades of general are just above brigadier)
  36. house calls
  37. appendix (anagram)
  38. patella (kneecap: Pat [Boone] + Ella [Fitzgerald])
  39. pancreas ([Saint] Pancras plus –e- )
  40. knuckle-bones (children’s game)
  41. elbow
  42. collar bone (nick = collar [arrest] + bon + E)
  43. mastoid (anagram)
  44. glottis (OTT inside [not outside] glis: glis glis is scientific name for dormouse)
  45. prostate
  46. trachea (answer hidden in extra cheap)
  47. coccyx (cox + six. coccyx means cuckoo in Greek – bone like bird’s beak. Cubs are divided into sixes.)
  48. angina pectoris (anagram)
  49. enuresis (anagram of i.e. nurses)
  50. diarrhoea (anagram of Air Rhodesia minus –is-)
  51. scurvy
  52. whitlow (WHITe + yelLOW)
  53. psittacosis (viral disease of birds)
  54. haemorrhoids (anagram)
  55. asthma (anagram)
  56. bed sore (anagram)
  57. MRSA (anagram)
  58. nurse (hidden, backwards, in shoES RUNning)
  59. chaplain (chap + lain)
  60. almoner (almond minus –d , plus er…)
  61. surgeon (sturgeon minus T for time)
  62. physio (sounds like fizzy eau. shortly = short for [physiotherapist])
  63. consultants (consult + ants)
  64. Hippocrates (hippo + crates)
  65. Pasteur (pasture has the –e- at the end)
  66. Lister (developed antisepsis. to list = to keel over, of a ship)
  67. Crick & Watson (discovered the DNA double helix)
  68. Nightingale (Florence N)
  69. Schweitzer (sounds like the German for Swiss, even though he wasn’t)
  70. Nye Bevan (anagram of Benny + Eva. ‘top of chart:’ see clue nº 1 – This Welsh politician devised the NHS)


Next meeting: Change of date

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

So sorry to give you such short notice, but the meeting that was announced for Jan 14th has had to be put off till Jan 28th. (Downstairs in Committee Room 3).

Robin Gray.

Minutes of latest Link meeting (Nov 20th)

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting of 20th November 2014


Present: Jacqui Lockwood, Richard Homewood (chair), David Turner, Christine Boulton-Lane, Richard Lane, Ray Keene, Lynn White, Sue Furness, Eve Martin, Edwin Rew, Roger Mitchell, Mandy Hinxman, Diane Reed, Janet Jarvis, Nola McSweeney, Derek Tomblin, Liz MacKay, Melanie Bray, Eileen & Bill Evans, Paul Cabban, Tom Collins, Cllr Nigel Sinden, Robin Gray (minutes)

1 Apologies for absence: Fiona McGregor, John Geater.

2 Minutes of the meeting of 3rd September. Accepted, with the addition of Nigel Sinden and Edwin Rew to the list of Apologies made. Matters arising: 7(b): Richard has had no response from his Navy contact about the possibility of shipping goods for us. He will try again.5(b) Mandy reported that there is a technical problem with the well at Jui. M.Kamara has spoken to the contractors. Richard will ask Kainde to look into it, and will contact Mohamed Koroma in London.

3 Media protocol & branding

(a) Media Protocol. Richard introduced a draft media protocol, setting out how we should present material on Link activities to the media. The draft contains useful advice on what to include, and lays down how such material might be authorised. Members are asked to send any comments on the draft (see Draft Media Protocol (Appendix D)) to Robin ( We will look at the issue again at the next meeting.

(b) Recent Press coverage. Richard displayed enlarged copies of recent Observer coverage of our events. With Kevin Boorman’s help, we now get good coverage in the local press. However, shortage of staff on the paper means that we have to submit good quality material, ready for print.

(c) Banner and logo. Richard showed four versions of an updated title & logos. See Appendix A for the versions we agreed to use. It may be possible to find a more correct tone of blue for the stripes.

(d) Trifold leaflet. Richard has re-vamped the Link’s leaflet. The new version was enthusiastically received. Let Robin know if you wish to suggest any corrections or changes. (Click on images below to see trifold leaflet full size )

Outer pagesTrifold New (inner)

4 Recent fundraising events. We quickly reviewed recent events, which it was agreed were all a success except for our attendance at the Charities Fair, which raised little interest. The meeting expressed its particular appreciation to Liz for her work on the posh jumble sale, and for Roger for the gala concert. The Big Jump has raised over £2100. Richard and Ellen White, Matt and Hollie Lockwood and Richard are keen to see some of this money used to benefit schools as well as the Health Centre. Dain Jensen’s Beachy Head Marathon (which involves climbing a gruelling 4900’ over all) raised over £1500. ‘Pick Your Cards Right’ at the White Rock Hotel’s anniversary party (by kind invitation of Lawrence Bell) was ideally suited to the occasion and raised £230. Nola reported that we are well on the way to raising £700 with the orange quiz sheets. Jo Avery, a colleague of Diane Reed’s husband at the DoT, organised a Cheese Fest and raised a magnificent £167 for the Link.

5 Future fundraising events. (a) Priory Meadow Christmas Lights switch-on. A small band of bucket-shakers is organised. They will collect while the Hastings Town Choir is singing for us.

(b) Universal Children’s Day school fundraising – Nov 20th. Our schools are running a wide variety of fundraising activities to mark the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Roger explained that Hastings SL teachers are not on the whole being paid. What is raised will be pooled and divided between the SL schools on the basis of the numbers of teachers they have. The teachers know about the initiative. Roger will do a press release subsequently.

(c) A small group will be collecting on the door at the end of the Labour Party’s fundraiser at the White Rock Theatre on Sunday 23rd November.

(d) Masquerade Ball. The group supporting Waterloo is organising a fundraising ball and has kindly invited us to provide display material about the Link’s work in Hastings. Peter Penfold is connected to both groups.

(e) Quiz Night 2015. Although St Paul’s School has been very generous in hosting our quiz night, there are a few problems involving space and parking, so we have looked at other possible venues – so far, unsuccessfully. Jacqui will see if we can get a better deal than has so far been offered at the King’s Church, which certainly has plenty of room and good parking. If that fails, no doubt we will gratefully accept St Paul’s School’s kind offer once again.

(f) Other. Derek reminded us that St Leonards Rotary Club will be organising a fundraising event for us, probably in May 2015, with the proceeds going towards paying for solar panels at the health centre. A friend of Lynn’s has offered us a complete musical quiz. We will be very glad to run such a quiz, perhaps around September. It is hoped that another team of organisers will come forward so that the work does not fall on Nola. Lynn and Richard are also offering to host a BBQ to make up for the fact that we will not be able to host a teacher exchange in May; and Lynn will look into the possibility of a charity ball at the Powdermills Hotel, which runs a ball on behalf of a different charity each year.

6 Treasurer’s Report. Ray presented his report on income and expenditure since the last meeting, together with a sheet of explanatory notes. Not all figures for donations are completely up-to-date, as Charity Checkout only forwards funds at the end of each month. From now on, CC will be collecting gift aid for us on funds that it handles on our behalf. In spite of major outgoings (a final £2700 for the perimeter wall, £800 for repairs to the water-tower and £1500 which more than covers the cost of the new generator), some very generous donations and our fundraising efforts have left both our cash a/c and the ring-fenced Gold a/c in a stronger position than at the end of August.

Roger has written on our behalf to thank Buckswood School and the performers at the gala concert.

7 Schools Report. Our schools are working hard to raise funds for their partners, and on the whole are managing to keep up contacts. Diane Reed reported that St Leonards CofE School is having to concentrate of getting out of special measures, so that the link with SL is on the back burner. Mandy reported on an Ebola assembly at Little Ridge. She is keeping the senior management team up-to-date about the Ebola situation, although there are difficulties maintaining communications contact with Mr Kamara. Sue explained that SL still has a very high profile at St Mary Star-of-the-Sea, helped by the fact that the school has a large number of children of African parentage. There have been sponsored events – swims, silences etc. – and Sue hears from SL teachers almost daily.

8 Health Report.  Christine presented the health working group’s report. (See Appendix C). All the goods sent recently have arrived safely and been unpacked. Sallu is in touch with Christine almost daily. The health centre has had to be closed twice and disinfected. There is now a tent outside the wall to which patients must report to have their temperature checked. Both Ebola treatment centres are already full and there us now talk of schools being taken over as treatment centres – Hastings is considered a hot spot for Ebola. But of course people are still dying of malaria, dysentery etc. The Hastings community health centre is one of the few still functioning. We have received no specific requests from Sallu, but Christine drew attention to 3 questions that have been raised within the group. (a) Should we contribute financially to the work being done by UKSLHP at the Connaught Hospital? (b) Should the health centre become a food distribution point for the needy? (c) Should we be refurbishing outside toilets? Richard suggested that huge amounts of UK and EU money are going to SL, and that since the Connaught will be benefitting from this we should confine ourselves to supporting Hastings itself.

9 Future action . Liz argued forcefully that we should spend all our resources on setting up food distribution points in the schools, since the head-teachers are best place to know which families are in the direst need. Derek has been sent the names of 36 deserving cases, and a list of food prices. David Turner, who has spent 6 years in SL and knows many of the people we know, recommended cash transfers, rather than supplying food, as the most efficient way to get help into the community. He spoke appreciatively of Francis Mason’s work with orphans, and recommended Street Child, an NGO doing excellent work with Ebola orphans. Street Child distributes the necessities, and provides micro-finance to enable families to start to fend for themselves. Liz argued that have raised a great deal of money in our community, and that we must be seen to be getting help to the adults in Hastings immediately. The meeting accepted that we must act swiftly, but there was much debate on what kind of mechanism could be used to distribute money effectively and safely. The meeting accepted Richard’s argument that, however hard it may seem, we must reserve some of our hard earned funds for investing in sustainable projects for the future: we cannot use up all our resources now. The task now is to find a safe mechanism for distributing aid. Various difficulties were discussed: the fact that people cannot move about freely; that there will have to be transparency, traceability and fairness. Various names and organisations were mentioned as people who might be able to oversee distribution of aid.

As the meeting was running very late, it was agreed that the Trustees should be tasked with reviewing all the suggestions made so far, and with approaching a number of people for advice, from Yvonne and Yvette to Dr Samba. Once the Trustees have decided on a workable mechanism, they must define the criteria on which distribution of aid is to be based, and are then to send up to about half of our total funds, but beginning with an experimental tranche of £2-3,000, to see how well the system works. This must happen within as short a time as possible, ideally within a matter of days.

10 AOB. We were reminded that the London Branch will be holding its annual Valentine’s Day dinner-dance on 14th February.

11 Date of Next Meeting. Wednesday 21st (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE)  January 2015 at 6.05 pm in the Town Hall, Hastings. (TBC)

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Robin Gray


Appendix A:

(a) Design for banner


Microsoft Word - HSLFL Title Banner 1d.docx




(b) Design for top of display boards


 Microsoft Word - Document2


Appendix C: Health Working Group report


  1. Christine reported as follows:-

A number of us had attended the UKSLHP Meeting in London on the 4th September and Richard Lane had attended a meeting at the London School of Tropical Medicine which was hosted by Peter Piot who had first researched Ebola in 1976. Christine reported that she had been in regular contact with Sallu since the last meeting. She received an email from him at the beginning of September requesting items to protect his staff working in the Health Centre. It was agreed that we should purchase the items required. We were able to source most of the items, some being donated rather than purchased and on the 19th September, Lynn, Ray and Christine packed, labelled and itemised 55 boxes/parcels which were collect by Rokel the following day for shipment (this being paid for by the London Group).   These arrived in Hastings on the 25th October.   Since then Christine had received a further request for PPE for the Health Centre Staff and it had been agreed that the Link would provide £300 which together with a donation of £300 from the LOAF emergency fund and a further £100 donation should be sent via the usual route to Sallu to purchase the equipment which he had sourced from a Pharmaceutical Company in Sierra Leone.   Sallu has reported the death of doctors and health workers and there is a real sense of fear among staff and it was felt imperative that we did all that we possible could to help them. The Health Centre was closed for five days due to a patient attending with ebola symptoms.   There are now two treatment centres within the Hastings area together with the Chinese hospital in Kossoh Town being used as a testing station and holding area.

2 Derek reported as follows:-

  1. a) The Wall and gates had been constructed but there is still work to be done to complete the project. Sufficient funds have already been sent for this.
  2. b) Solar Power. St. Leonards Rotary were actively engaged in raising funds for a scheme prepared by Alex Robbin.
  3. c) Generator. This is being purchased direct by Nellie Campbell and due for delivery by the 14th November and would have sound insulation.
  4. d) The water pump has been fitted for use if/when electricity is available.
  1. Melanie B reported that Thare Machi Education had produced a DVD on Ebola.                               At Poppy Sinden’s suggestion, Melanie had contacted Nick Russell, who suggested she contact National Charites such as Save the Children to find Krio speakers to assist with the translations.
  1. The sub-committee raised three specific issues
  2. a) Should money be sent to help the work that the Connaught Hospital are doing in conjunction with UKSLHP as we are affiliated to this organisation?
  3. b) Nutrition. There was concern about ebola orphans, and the poor generally and there was a suggestion that the Health Centre could become a food distribution point.
  4. c) The refurbishment of the outside toilets. Should this be funded now.
  1. The date of the next meeting of the sub-committee will be decided in due course.




Ebola Campaign: our Chairman (and others) for the high jump

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


Here is Richard’s account of their amazing jump to raise funds to fight Ebola in Hastings SL. (If you didn’t get around to sponsoring them, there’s still time!)

Matt, Richard W, Richard H, Hollie & Ellen

Matt, Richard W, Richard H, Hollie & Ellen

Oh no!

Oh no!

Here we go!

Here we go!




Well we finally did it! Fifth time lucky for the five of us (Richard Homewood, Matt and Hollie Lockwood and Richard and Ellen White), but only after a bit of last minute forecast watching and date swapping. Saturday was forecast as a washout so we managed to get a Sunday slot and set off in the wind and rain at 5am not sure if we would jump. As the journey went on the rain stopped and as daylight approached we started to drive into fog! Not looking good especially when just before we arrived we got a text to say don’t come till 11am because it is too foggy! Undaunted we arrived just before 8.00am to see the airfield shrouded in mist and fog. It did seem to be clearing though and confidence was growing. In anticipation of a long wait we ordered breakfast and then just as it arrived at the table we were called to get kitted up! Typical! Breakfast had to go as we were not going to miss the opportunity. We kitted up and after a refresh of what to do we headed for the plane in nervous anticipation. Everyone was laughing and joking and full of confidence as we climbed higher and higher, until the door opened that was! Watching the first two being shuffled to the door and hung out as the camera man swung from the wing the laughter turned to a grimace as it was my turn to be pushed forward. Then that was it we were out but once we stopped rolling the sensation of hurtling to the earth at over 130mph was incredible, the view was unbelievable and shaking hands with the cameraman in free fall was bizarre.

Then after 5,000ft we jerked upward (or actually slowed down rapidly) as the parachute opened and things calmed dramatically and we gently dropped to earth soaking up the view and chatting. Then it was time to prepare for the landing and discussion about leaving legs in holes if we didn’t get it right! A quick rehearsal and then all too suddenly we hit the ground, sliding in gently thankfully onto some pretty soft grass, adrenalin pumping and cheers and shouts as we congratulated each other. An amazing experience and one I would repeat, but more importantly we had overcome our fears for the sake of the charity and the people we want to help in Sierra Leone where they are now suffering the ravages of Ebola directly in addition to their daily struggle. And that is where you come in and we are all extremely grateful for your generosity and support for the cause. We expect that we will have raised over £2,000 in total once it is all collected, but there is still time to donate if you or your friends want to. In case there is any doubt we have all paid for our own jump and all of our other expenses out of our own pockets, so every penny of the money generously donated will go directly to the charity and to the community in Hastings, Sierra Leone, and make a difference.

Thank you once again for your generosity.  Please check on the website at <>  for updates on our work with our friends in our twin town Hastings, Sierra Leone.

Richard Homewood, Richard White, Ellen White, Hollie Lockwood, Matt Lockwood

Fundraising Cheese Fest – whatever next?

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Jo Avery (a work colleague of Roger Reed who is married to Diane, one of our teachers) ran a Cheese Fest last week at the Department for Transport, where they work. Jo writes: “People made cheese scones, straws, brought in all different sorts of cheeses and someone even made homemade cheese! My friend came up with the idea of a “Say Cheese” baby toddler competition, where we brought in photos of ourselves and had to guess each other. We even had colleagues from our London office switch their day to Hastings to be involved.” Apparently they went for a cheese based event as a change from a coffee & cake morning. They raised £167 for our Ebola appeal (and wisely gift-aided it!), which is a great boost. It should pay for 3 sets of protective gear for the Health Centre staff.Scruptious cheesy spread at the DoT

If anyone out there has a good idea like this one and would like to raise some much needed funds for the Link’s work in Hastings Sierra Leone, please don’t hesitate!  It’s clear from all the reports that are coming from journalists and medics in Sierra Leone, that there’s already a huge need not only for medical supplies but also for humanitarian aid to support hungry families and, saddest of all, orphaned children.  We don’t know the exact picture for Hastings, but we need to be ready to give the help that’s needed.

Gala concert raises the roof – and over £2500 for the fight against ebola

Friday, October 31st, 2014

After the amazing concert on 17th October, Richard sent the following notice to the Hastings & St Leonards Observer:

The RoCoCo singers sang African songs

The RoCoCo singers sang African songs

Richard talks to the audience while Sussex Brass have a breather

Richard talks to the audience while Sussex Brass have a breather

Many of our Sierra Leonean friends came down to enjoy the concert

Many of our Sierra Leonean friends came down to enjoy the concert

Sussex Brass, African Drummers and the RoCoCo choir joined forces on Friday evening to lift the roof off of St Mary in the Castle and raise much needed funds to support the Community Health Centre in Hastings Sierra Leone. Nearly two hundred people attended and were treated to a wide variety of music with an African theme, and a fine African-style supper.
Richard Homewood, Chair of the Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link said “This is an amazing result and we have to thank those who attended for their generosity in supporting this event to raise funds for the community in our Twin Town. There was singing, clapping and dancing in the aisles and I think everybody had a wonderful time. The money will help us provide much needed equipment and resources to keep the Community Health Centre going when the focus of the government and other agencies is clearly on trying to tackle the Ebola crisis on a larger scale.
Our thanks must go to Buckswood School who provided the venue free of charge, to our former Chair, Roger Mitchell who organised the event (as well as playing in Sussex Brass), and of course the musicians who all gave amazing performances.”
The Link has a continuing programme of fund raising events, a quiz night and a recent Jumble Sale raised over £1,000 each and a group of Link supporters are due to make a parachute jump (as soon as the weather permits!). Richard said,
“We are continuously looking for new ways to raise funds to help our friends in Sierra Leone at a time when they desperately need it. I am sure nobody can fail to be moved by the tragic events unfolding in West Africa. Having visited Sierra Leone several times in recent years, I know what a difference every penny we raise can make to their lives in difficult times”
You can donate on line at or by post, cheques made out to HSLFL and sent to HSLFL Treasurer, 33 Senlac Way, St Leonards on Sea, TN37 7JG

Telling Hastings UK about the ebola situation

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Our member Nola asked our local hospital if we could have a stand in the hospital foyer for a day, to tell patients, visitors and staff about how ebola is affecting Hastings SL. We had lots of useful conversations, received over £80 in donations, and sold quite a few of this year’s ORANGE QUIZ SHEET.  If you like cryptic crosswords, just send your email address and £1 (a coin, or a cheque made out to HSLFL) to Robin Gray, Oaklands, Rock Lane, Hastings, East Sussex TN35 4NY, and Robin will email you back a copy. You have until mid-January to puzzle it all out. There are money prizes! – But we hope you’ll enjoy the clues, anyway. They’re all about the NHS, medicine and health, very appropriately. Any good at anagrams? How about ‘O horrid shame of these’ (12 letters).

Nola and Tom at the Conquest Hospital

Nola and Tom at the Conquest Hospital

Ebola campaign

Monday, September 15th, 2014
Inside the new ebola treatment centre

Inside the new ebola treatment centre

Security is tight at the new ebola treatment centre

Security is tight at the new ebola treatment centre

The rebuilt water-tower

The rebuilt water-tower


The ebola treatment centre has now been set up in the Police Training Academy on the outskirts of the village, and the UK Government is setting up another one on the Hastings airfield. But ebola has reached the Hastings community itself. Experience elsewhere has shown that health workers are at grave risk, and so are their families.  We need to do EVERYTHING we can to provide Sallu, the Hastings health centre manager, and his amazing team with the best possible chance of coping with the threat. With funding from the Link, the men of the village have rebuilt the water-tower and topped it with a new tank, so that basic hygiene precautions can be kept up.  In addition, we have sent out 55 boxes of disinfectant, soap, rubber gloves, face masks and other preventative measures. But we must keep these first supplies topped up, and the health centre staff really need much better protective gear. Please encourage your friends and neighbours to respond to this urgent appeal. You and they can donate by hitting the Donate button above.

Please rest assured that every penny will be spent directly on protecting the health centre and the people of Hastings SL.



Gala Concert for the Link – Friday October 17th

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Hope everyone enjoyed the concert!  I’ll post some photos when I receive them. A huge thank you to Sussex Brass, Vincent Salzfas and his fellow drummer, and the Robertsbridge Community Choir – and Yvonne and her team for the marvellous buffet, as well as to all those who put up posters, left flyers, sold tickets (thank you, Hastings Information Centre!) and helped on the night.We raised over £2000 for medical supplies for the health centre in Hastings SL. Ray is still counting, so if you have monies from ticket sales to your friends please get it to Ray a.s.a.p.

September 20th: a parachute jump AND a posh jumble sale!

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Our chairman, Richard Homewood, led a little group of crazy Link supporters to make a parachute jump over Salisbury Plain at the end of August. Unfortunately, the weather closed in at the last minute, and they had to postpone the jump. They’ll be trying again on Saturday 20th September. If you haven’t already sponsored these brave people, please do!  See the Charity Checkout link on this website. The money raised will be used to support our schools and health centre projects in Hastings SL.

On the same day, as it happens, we’re have a ‘Posh Jumble Sale’ at Christ Church, London Road, St Leonards – from 10 to 12. If you have any saleable items, let us know ( and we’ll pick them up, or why not bring them along early on the Saturday morning?


Jumble Sale poster

The Big Jump!

The Big Jump!