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The Link on Countdown – how did Robin do?

If you saw today’s Countdown, you’ll know that it was quite an exciting match – but I was pipped at the post. It was surprising that I didn’t do a lot worse: the chap I was up against already had 4 wins under his belt. I wasted points early on – I could have got quite close on a numbers round, but didn’t bother to declare as I was sure Jonathan Liew would  get 10 points – and he messed it up. Then later I managed to make an embarrassing spelling mistake (comes of having been a French teacher for all those years: appease in English is apaise in French with one -p-.) Fortunately, getting a 9-letter word gave me a big advantage, but when it came to the crucial conundrum I hadn’t spotted where I was supposed to look for the jumbled-up letters. Silly me. Never mind, Jonathan (a really nice guy) is brilliant at the maths and pretty good at the words. I bet he makes it as an octochamp.

The important thing is that Nick Hewer asked me about Hastings Sierra Leone, so we got some useful publicity. If anyone gets to this site because I invited viewers to Google ‘Hastings Sierra Leone’, it’ll all have been worthwhile. It was good fun taking part, seeing how a studio works (you’d be amazed at how basic the set is – everything has to be manually swapped around between the word rounds and the numbers rounds), and everyone was very nice to the poor contestants. Your brain freezes under the pressure, and 30 seconds flies by, especially when you’ve got a tricky calculation to do. Talking of calculations,  I’ve been sponsored for £234 plus Gift Aid. All for the health centre project, of course. If any Link members fancy free-fall sky-diving, I’ll be happy to sponsor them.



6 thoughts on “The Link on Countdown – how did Robin do?

  1. I particularly googled this page as I was fortunate enough to witness your performance on ‘count down’, Robin. I am a Sierra Leonean in living in Britain and was pleasantly surprised to learn of your charity in Sierra Leone and Hastings in particular. I had no idea Hastings in SL is twined with Hastings in the UK until I heard from you on ‘ count down’. Please keep me informed of any fundraising activity in future. Thanks for being generouse with your time and effort.

    By the way you did etremely well on count down.

    1. Good to hear from you, Sam. I was certainly hoping that by getting Hastings SL mentioned on national TV, I’d make contact with sympathetic people, especially ex-pats, elsewhere in the UK.I’ll very happily put you on our mailing list, and write to you direct.

  2. Hi Robin. I googled this after seeing you on Countdown and just wanted to say well done. Even though you were pipped at the post you did very well. I’ve had a look round the site and I think the work you do is excellent. I didn’t know that there was any towns in the UK that were twinned with Sierra Leone (I’m fascinated by trivia like that) and was also not aware that Sierra Leone was still in need of so much help. When I can afford to I will donate some money to your cause (I would donate immediately but I was in a nasty car accident a few weeks back and have not been able to work as I broke my collar bone quite badly and being a professional drummer I can’t work, so money is a bit tight. As if it wasn’t already with our country being in the state it is! Lol). So I will keep checking back at your site to see the excellent work your doing and pass the address to friends and family and hopefully get them to donate too. And once again, congratulations on your countdown appearance!

    1. Glad you enjoyed Countdown, and that you think we’re doing a good job in SL. It’s surprising, but true, that although the war has been over for some 10 years, SL is still struggling to get back on its feet. Infant mortality is particularly dire, hence our focus on helping the little health centre in Hastings Village. Do keep an eye on our website. Sorry to hear about your accident – of course, if ever you’re in a position to make a donation, we’d be very grateful. As we’re 100% volunteers, every penny we raise goes on our projects in Sierra Leone.

  3. My wife, who is an avid Countdown watcher, picked up Robin’s link to Sierra Leone. We are involved with the Waterloo Partnership which works with the community ‘down the road’ from Hastings.
    Like you, we want to help improve the local health clinic and I would be very interested to know about your plans for the clinic at Hastings.
    If you have time to send me an email that would be great.
    I enjoyed your website.
    Best wishes for 2004

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