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Thanks from Health Centre Manager

Sallu Lansana, the Health Centre manager in Hastings SL, has written to confirm that the latest shipment of equipment and supplies for the health centre has been carefully distributed. He writes:

I write on behalf of the staff and volunteers of the Hastings Community Health Centre to acknowledge that we were present when the container was opened on 20/12/2012. An inventory was taken on Wednesday 23rd. (Sallu gives a full inventory.) The cartons were transferred to the Health Centre thereafter, staff meetings were held where we decided that we would distribute some of the items/materials to the other peripheral health units within the catchment area on 24/1/13.  (He lists these.) We promise these items/material will be used for their intended purpose in saving the lives of our patients. We have started using the items. We appreciate all the items sent and we hope that you will continue the kind support to this facility and the community at large. The extension is still going on and we are slowly coming to the end of the extension work. We appreciate it all. Meanwhile please extend our sincere gratitude to all our supporters, funders and well-wishers and your entire membership and the Hastings UK community for joining hands to improve health care in Hastings Sierra Leone. Once more, thank you all.

Yours faithfully

Sallu Lansana

Officer in charge, Hastings Community Health Centre SL


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