Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

Seeds for Hastings SL

From little acorns, who knows what might grow?

In February 2020, just before the Covid-19 lockdown, the Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link led the party of 18 Teachers and 5 Link volunteers to continue work on the Link’s strategic themes of Education, Health, Creating Livelihoods and Community Support in our Twin Town in Sierra Leone.

They took with them a generous donation of £200 from the Battle Horticultural Society, so that the schools could purchase seeds, and teachers and pupils could grow food crops in the grounds of their schools.

The money was shared between 13 schools in the Hastings area in Sierra Leone, which doesn’t sound a lot for each school but little did we imagine how successful it was going to be.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, Crain crain, corn, basil, okra and cassava were just some of the crops grown by the schools and several of the schools were so successful that they have been able to sell some of the crops and are using some of the income to buy more seeds.

Isabel Hodger who led the team of teachers during the visit said:

“This was a simple but very exciting project which gave the teachers and pupils a sense of responsibility and ownership as well as fresh food. It has enabled them to feed hungry children and staff who are struggling financially. It has also provided some income to re-invest in more seeds, as well as provide funds for equipment for the schools. A real success all round.  The hope is that they will continue to grow crops for food and continue to generate income. It could also provide future livelihoods for some of the children. Who knows? From little acorns………………….“

The photographs say it all and the upbeat messages from the Sierra Leone teachers confirm how enthusiastically the children have taken to the project. Let’s hope the project maintains its momentum and the crops continue to flourish.