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Dain’s team finishes the Coast-to-Coast Walk for the Link!

Another fantastic achievement by Dain Jensen and his mates. They’ve just completed the Coast-to-Coast Walk and raised (at the last count) over £6000 for the Link. The most amazing thing is that they did in a week what normally takes a fortnight.  Here are just a couple of pictures. If you want to follow the whole epic saga, see Richard’s Facebook postings on our Home Page. We’re so grateful to the three lads (who must, fortunately for us, be incredibly fit and a bit barmy). What it means for the Link is that when we can get the schools’ sanitation and water needs properly surveyed, we can set up a really strong project and get on with it. It’s terrible that our linked schools have little or no proper toilet or washing facilities – things we take for granted for our own children. Dain and his friends hope to raise £10,000 in the end. If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, go to https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/dainjensen2  – or you can find a link on Richard’s Facebook postings.

The coast-to-coast route
Robin Hood’s Bay at last!
The Team

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