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Cryptic quiz for lockdown: the results!

Thanks to everyone who had a go at the lockdown cryptic quiz.

Lots of 70 out of 70 this time, but quite a few people just missed the cut, thanks to spelling mistakes.  We sold about 150     altogether, mainly on-line, and 61 sets of answers were returned. The old system of drawing 3 winners out of a hat was easy – it has been difficult to decide which 3 tie-breakers were the best. On the whole, the best clues are reasonably simple, with an internal logic of their own, so that it all makes sense – nothing dragged in just to explain a letter or letters. See my clues 57 and 15 were what I hope were good examples of that.

So, with 70 perfect answers (in no particular order):

Brian Stone, Jenny Haddingham, Hilary Oughton, Helen Wallis, Stephen Nye, Robert Greenhill, Patsy Watkins, Tim McDonald, Chris Chantler, Vicki Reis, Ros Ellis, Jean Redsell, Andrew Ashenhurst, Lynnie Porter, Clive Buddle, Mrs P Cooke, Elaine Barton, Linda Golding, Ray Foxell, Mrs S Hennessey.

On the basis of their tie-breakers, prizes go to 1st Linda Golding, 2nd Ray Foxell, 3rd Ros Ellis.

Glaucus’s prize for the best home-made clue chosen from all those submitted goes to Stephen Greenhill for a very neat version of coronavirus: A variety of plant, e.g. Venus Flytrap (‘variety’ being a nice pointer to an anagram). An additional prize for the funniest clue goes to Eric Jackson for menopause: Puts Irishwomen off chaps for a while?

Here are the answers and explanations:

  1. Water on the brain. (I accepted fluid on the brain, of course)
  2. Mumps (mum + PS)
  3. Bloating ( -L- in boating)
  4. Vertigo (against = v[ersus] + anagram of goitre)
  5. Earache (hidden answer: near a cheering)
  6. Headache (to lead = to head. + a +Che [Guevara])
  7. Nosebleed (anag)
  8. Ingrowing toenail (in + growing. + anag of elation)
  9. Gallstone (sounds like Gaul…). I accepted ‘Ménière’s’ (since some people pronounce it like menhirs, though one would have to count the apostrophe as a letter)
  10. Chicken pox. (Spoonerism: pickin’ chocs)
  11. Bubonic plague (anag)
  12. Phthisis (old name for TB – hidden in Telegraph this is)
  13. The bends. (I accepted leg cramp)
  14. Hypoglycaemia (anag)
  15. Heartburn (heart = centre of the arts)
  16. Angina (hidden answer: sang in a choir)
  17. (a) game leg. (anag of egg meal)
  18. Tennis elbow (anag of intense blow)
  19. Housemaids knee
  20. Scurvy. (s + curvy)
  21. Scrofula (anag of foul scar – scrofula was supposedly cured if patient was touched by the monarch)
  22. Eczema (EC + anag of maze – but some misspellings!)
  23. Blister (skinny blister = rhyming slang for sister)
  24. Astigmatism (stigma inside anag of a mist)
  25. Quinsy (not quincy!)
  26. Dropsy (Dr + love= o + psy[chiatrist])
  27. Oedema (anag of o + medea)
  28. Sepsis (anag of pies inside SS [steamship])
  29. Laryngitis (anag of try singing)
  30. Pharyngitis (anag of his partying)
  31. Migraine (anag)
  32. Stye (homophone for sty: Old Spot = race of pig)
  33. Cirrhosis (anag of so rich sir)
  34. Caries (c= catholic + Aries = sign [of Zodiac]. Holy sounds like holey). I accepted rosary – a symptom of rickets; but not bunion. Was this offered as a homophone for Bunyan? Hardly a Catholic)
  35. Gingivitis (anag of GI visiting)
  36. Tinnitus ([doctor = rearrange] nits unit)
  37. Calvities (L inside cavities. Calvities = baldness)
  38. Lumbago (plumbago)
  39. Back pain. (back pa  in)
  40. Lockjaw (Jock law)
  41. Chilblain (anag of bill inside chain)
  42. Hangover (gravity = g inside [House of] Hanover)
  43. Dandruff (hidden answer in bid and ruff – it’s an excessively scaly condition of the scalp)
  44. Acne ( sounds like ‘ackney [Hackney])
  45. Whitlow (William = W + hit low)
  46. Beri-beri (anag)
  47. Catarrh (sounds like Qatar)
  48. Cough (co + ugh!)
  49. Tunnel vision (They opened the Channel Tunnel together in 1994. “Double vision” doesn’t really cover the whole clue; and carpal tunnel? I can’t see the Queen and Mittérand sharing a Bentley))
  50. Athlete’s foot (not Achilles heel!)
  51. Constipation (anag of actions point)
  52. Diarrhoea (anag of a+e+a [first letters of an extremely annoying] + horrid)
  53. Flatulence (anag)
  54. Verruca (RUC inside Vera, detective series with Brenda Blethyn)
  55. Varicose veins (anag)
  56. Paralysis (a lys [heraldic lily] inside Paris)
  57. Aneurysm (anag of nurse may)
  58. Insomnia (anag)
  59. Ageusia (anag)
  60. Flat feet
  61. Obesity (sit inside obey)
  62. Vegetative state
  63. Yellow fever (anag)
  64. Dysentery (anag)
  65. Polyps (anag)
  66. Crohn’s disease (Crohn’s sounds like crones. Disease = anag of seaside)
  67. Nappy rash (anag of a + SRN + happy)
  68. Halitosis (Spoonerism: Tally-ho, Sis!)
  69. Cold sore (Spoonerism: sold core)
  70. Frostbite (anag of foster + b+i+t : initial letters of bought insulated thermals)

I did promise to post the best of the tie-breakers. Here they are, the clever ones and the near-misses. (You have to click on the link a couple of times to make it a legible size.) The best of the tie-breakers


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